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What is the DuBose Bands Private Lesson Academy?

The DuBose Bands Private Lesson Academy (DBPLA) is a private lessons academy that is hosted on the DuBose Middle School campus. The mission of DBPLA is to educate and inspire musicians of middle school ages in a vibrant, supportive musical environment while fostering excellence and the full potential of every student. Our faculty is comprised of passionate, professional musicians with years of pedagogical and performance experience.

Why are private lessons so important?

Private lessons are the most important component to an individual student in terms of their development and improvement as a musician. There is no possible way to replicate the undivided, personal attention a student receives during a private lesson through classroom instruction. Research suggests that consistent, applied study on an instrument during the secondary years strengthen key cognitive and auditory skills, thus improving student achievement in not only music, but also core subject areas.

When are lessons offered and how much do they cost?

We offer lessons during regularly scheduled band classes throughout the school day and/or on Monday afternoons at DuBose Middle School (the first lesson slot will be 3:30pm and the last lesson slot will be 7:30pm. ALL lessons must be completed by 8:00pm). Lesson scheduling is determined via the availibility of each private instructor. Lesson cost and payment will be determined per the policies of the private instructor and lessons costs typically run between $20-30 per half hour, per week. Lesson slots in each instrument studio will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Space is limited.

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